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We firmly believe that "The good spirit of the company focuses on strengths, teamwork, trust, and employee satisfaction."

This requires continuous improvement of the entire team's competence and corporate activities as a whole. The projects we have participated in have been successfully completed thanks to the persistent, dedicated efforts of our employees. And, of course, thanks to their high level of responsibility and professionalism.

We are a large family of dedicated professionals.

Руководители Проектов
Руководители Отделов
Главные Инженеры
Угур Акчай
Йылдырым Мут
Максим Мокеев
Селим Сарыйылдыз
Мехмет Каяхан
Кирилл Суслов
Окай Серче
Елена Григорева
Акмал Холзукиев
Отдел тендеров и ценового контроля
Андрей Мищенко
Борис Живоченков
Отдел проектирования
Отдел снабжения
Виктор Сысолятин
Андрей Бондин
Алексей Жигалов
Максим Самбулов
TALOS CONSTRUCTION is a team of professionals offering a full range of services in the field of construction and design, from engineering network construction to general contracting. Our goal is to provide customers with services of the highest quality and be a reliable partner for them.

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Companies, business and private sector
Russia, 127238, Moscow,
Dmitrovskoe Shosse, 81
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