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"Talos is a leading construction company specializing in the implementation of projects of various scales. We offer a full range of services in the field of construction and design, providing clients with high-quality solutions."

Our team of experienced professionals approaches each project with utmost responsibility, ensuring high-quality standards and adherence to deadlines. Our goal is to create reliable and innovative solutions that meet the needs of our clients and contribute to the development of the construction industry.
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About Us

We are all committed in hearts and minds
At TALOS CONSTRUCTION, our mission is to create unique and high-quality construction projects that provide comfort and convenience to our clients. We strive to ensure that each of our projects brings the greatest benefit and satisfaction to our customers and partners. To achieve this, we build strong teams of professionals who share our values and have a passion for their work. As we take pride in our reputation as a general contractor in Russia, we are unwaveringly committed to maintaining and enhancing the quality of our services, ensuring reliability and excellence at all stages of the construction process.

Our Mission

At TALOS CONSTRUCTION, our vision is to become a leading player in the construction industry of Russia, setting new standards of quality and innovation. We aim for continuous development and modernization of our services, staying at the forefront of technological progress. We envision a future where each of our projects embodies bold ideas, innovative technologies, and high-quality, offering our clients the best solutions. We strive to strengthen our reputation as a reliable partner, delivering outstanding results for all stakeholders involved and making positive changes in the society and environment where we operate.

Our Vision

Values play a crucial role in the development of any organization. At TALOS CONSTRUCTION, we take pride in our unique values, which not only serve as a guide for our staff's professional development but also define the goals of our company as a whole. These values reflect the essence of our operations and express the core mission of our presence in the market.

Integrity: We believe in honesty, tact, ethical behavior, and fairness. Our employees trust our word because for us, "Our word is our commitment." We are convinced that our team thrives in a culture of trust, transparency, and integrity that we strive to uphold.

Commitment to Clients: We fulfill our commitments to our clients without compromising on quality. We achieve this by using a balanced combination of knowledge and talent, working in teams that are goal-oriented, scalable, and experienced in delivering excellent service. We see ourselves as problem solvers, not complainers. We are tactful, persistent, and actively listen to address the needs of our clients. We guarantee that our actions, words, and opinions fairly represent our company. Therefore, we are always respectful and professional.

Our values

Quality: We take pride in providing skilled workers, high-quality service, and excellent equipment and materials that we support. This brings satisfaction, profitability, and ensures the future of our employees, as well as our sustainable growth. "What we do, we do well."

Innovation: We create a work environment that encourages and rewards creative thinking. "We invest in innovative engineering solutions to achieve a balance between cost, quality, and timelines." By seeking, investing in, and supporting innovation within our company, we create opportunities for process improvement and more cost-effective sustainable products and services.

Passionate Dedication: Working on what we love is our passion. Our passion has led us to our purpose, which ultimately became our profession. We take pride in every task and every project we undertake. "We are devoted with all our hearts."

Overall, these values create a company image that is guided by integrity, customer-oriented, strives for quality, is innovative, and passionately devoted to its work.

Our Team

We firmly believe that "The good spirit of the company focuses on strengths, teamwork, trust, and employee satisfaction."

This requires continuous improvement of the entire team's competence and corporate activities as a whole. The projects we have participated in have been successfully completed thanks to the persistent, dedicated efforts of our employees. And, of course, thanks to their high level of responsibility and professionalism.

We are a large family of dedicated professionals.

Ugur Akcay
Yildirim Mut
Elena Grigoryeva
Head of the department
Akmal Holkuziev
Head of the department
Andrey Mishchenko
Head of the department
Maksim Mokeev
Project Manager
Selim Sariyildiz
Project Manager
Uluc Baran
Project Manager

Our story

TALOS CONSTRUCTION is a reliable and innovative company in the field of construction and design, founded in 2015. We stand out for our wide range of services, ability to solve complex challenges, and commitment to continuous development.
In 2017, we successfully completed construction and installation works on engineering networks in the IQ Quarter towers in Moscow City, confirming our professionalism and qualifications.
Since 2018, our company has been acting as the general designer. Among the completed projects are "Serdce Stolitsy" residential complex, GloraX Belarusian, "Yasny" residential complex, Fili Park, and many others. We collaborate with leading developers, including MR Group, Donstroy, Ant Development, and PSN Group.
In 2019, we expanded the scope of our services and started carrying out construction and installation works for finishing. Among our projects were collaborations with Dogstroy on the Symbol residential complex, as well as the execution of finishing works with engineering networks in the offices and lobby of VTB (Eurasia Tower), the Olympic Star fitness center, apartments in Donstroy's Fresh residential complex, and the Tverskaya Zastava shopping center with AFIMall.
In 2020, in collaboration with KR Propertiz, we carried out a major overhaul of a building located in the Rassvet area. The project included roof replacement, elevator upgrades, facade renovation, reinforcement of the building's structure using piles, and updating all engineering networks.
In 2021, our company continued to grow and expand the geography of its projects. We began executing external engineering networks, including TP 110, at Tolmachevo Airport. Additionally, this year, we carried out landscaping, road asphalting, and facade works at the PepsiCo plant in Novosibirsk.
Since 2022, we have started entering into general contracting agreements with companies such as PepsiCo, FSK, and SDVM. Among our projects are KNS facilities, wastewater treatment facilities for LMK VimBillDon, Lake residential complex, and a hotel in Novosibirsk. We actively participate in tenders for general contracting works in the design&build format.
TALOS CONSTRUCTION is a team of professionals offering a full range of services in the field of construction and design, from engineering network construction to general contracting. Our goal is to provide customers with services of the highest quality and be a reliable partner for them.

Our Clients

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