TALOS CONSTRUCTION has significant experience in the field of design, including the development of project documentation and obtaining expert opinions for major projects such as GloraX Belarusian and Fili Park, in collaboration with developers Ant Development and PSN Group.

As the general designer, TALOS successfully performed project documentation adjustments when delivering projects in partnership with MR Group and Donstroy. This reflects our ability to effectively manage projects and implement changes during the construction process.

Our team is highly skilled in using design software, including AutoCAD and Revit. Residential complexes "Serdce Stolitsy" and "Yasny" were fully developed using Revit with all sections, enabling us to create more accurate and detailed projects.

One of our unique advantages is that we also undertake construction works, allowing our designers to directly oversee the author's supervision and promptly address any issues that arise during the construction phase. This ensures smoother project execution and prevents delays in work.
  1. Residential Complex: With a total area exceeding 150,000 sq.m., this project showcases our expertise in residential construction. It highlights our meticulous planning and effective resource management on extensive areas.
  2. Tower: Managing a tower project with a total area of over 50,000 sq.m., we demonstrate our ability to handle high-rise buildings, ensuring stability and safety at every stage of design and construction.
  3. Office Building: Designing an office space with a total area of over 50,000 sq.m., we create functional and efficient working environments tailored to each client's individual needs.
  4. Airport: Developing an airport with a total area of over 50,000 sq.m., we ensure the creation of highly efficient and safe transportation hubs, adhering to international standards.
  5. Fitness Center: With a total area exceeding 15,000 sq.m., our team designs spaces for physical activity and healthy living, paying attention to details and visitor comfort.
  6. Interior Design Projects: From apartments and offices to shopping centers, with total areas of over 15,000 sq.m., we meticulously handle each detail to create pleasant and functional spaces.
TALOS CONSTRUCTION is pushing the boundaries in the field of design, working on a wide range of large-scale projects. This highlights our ability to tackle complex challenges and execute projects of any level of complexity. Here are some of our key projects:
TALOS CONSTRUCTION offers a full range of design services, working on projects of various scales and complexities. This allows our clients to entrust us with their most ambitious ideas, knowing that we have the expertise and capability to bring them to fruition.

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