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OUR MISSION is to bring excellence in MEP design and make the installation underpinning iconic projects in Russia by contributing to the evolving and rapidly-maturing construction landscape by utilizing proactive management skills.

The nature and the character of our business strategy is to provide superior customer quality and service to our clients according to their particular needs and to bring cost-effective engineering solutions to the challenging technical designs.

We will keep developing strategic alliances and building strong personal relationships with our clients by producing successful project implementation with our dynamic, resilient, tactful and professional team.

  • Be among the leading Services Engineers and MEP Contractors in Russia, measured by a harmonious mix of quality, service, profitability and volume.

  • Be an honest, tactful, challenging and rewarding organisation to work for by contributing to the benefits of our employees where all of our teams are well appreciated, trained and focused on the success and reliability of the company.

  • Be recognized for the excellence in performance and delivery of the business in accordance with it's rules at the time of commitment.

  • Be a technological advanced, service-driven organisation with high levels of integrity.

  • Be a company with distinctive values, principles and heritage that support our service and retain talented experts.

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