Rassvet Loft Studio

  Moscow, Stolyarniy per., 3/20, 3/34

The Residential Complex “Rassvet LOFT STUDIO” was founded within the scope of the reconstruction of the furniture company “Мюр и Мерилиз”. The complex has 5 floors and it consists of 150 lofts (75 in each case).

There are all together 3 types of loft-apartments: the apartments with a separate entrance and a small garden (height of ceilings – 6 meters);


The apartments with the second light (Height of ceilings from 5,5 to 6 meters);

The classical attic with mezzanine (Height of ceilings from 4,5 to 7 meters);

The design was implemented. The year of construction: 2015


The specialists of “Talos Construction” have implemented an installation of engineering systems and their launch, which is subjected to the subsequent service, as well as to the supply of equipment, commissioning works and delivery of systems for an operation with a guarantee.

The Performed works:
Heating - heat supply
General ventilation
Air conditioning

Fire extinction

Smoke ventilation systems
Thermal stations
Systems of internal water supply
Systems of internal water removal


Builder: ANT YAPI

Operations Area: 12.000 sq.m

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