Rostov-on-Don, Line 14 street, b.84

The Hypermarket “Lenta” was founded in Rostov-on-Don.

This is, already the 3rd hypermarket in the city, located close to the center – at the intersection of Sholokhov Avenue and the street of 14 lines.

The area of the new market – 9500 sq.m. The parking spot is arranged for 340 car spaces. The trade area is 9000 sq.m. The main political focus of the company is to support the local producers, thus, the “Lenta” was introduced as an employer: the opening of the hypermarket provided jobs for 230 people.


The company Ltd. “Talos Construction” has implemented an installation of engineering systems (internal and external), supply of equipment, and commissioning works. High – class specialists of “Talos Construction” have delivered the facility for an operation and to the agency of construction supervision in record time (June 2016 – November 2016)

The Performed works:
Heating - heat supply
General ventilation
Air conditioning
Thermal stations
Systems of internal water supply
Systems of internal water removal

Employer: LENTA

Builder:  PROFIL AG

Operations Area: 11.000 sq.m

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                   we do well»

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