Corporate Responsibilities

Our Belief:

“Children are the basis of a country. You are the rose, star and light of our future. You are the ones who will enlighten our country. Protecting a country, starts with protecting the children.”



Our Ultimate Aim:

Strength to children who are fighting with their illnesses,

Hope to children for a better education,

Joy for a happier future is our final outcome.


We are focused on doing whatever necessary to support the future of the nation, “children”.

It is also important physically taking a part in charity events to produce much better results in the field of social life. In this sense, we are in process of building our own independent Team Volunteers out of our employees, who are eager to help children.


TALOS CONSTRUCTION ensures that the contribution to the charities and other concerns will never stop, in fact, it takes a permanent status under our management’s requirement.

 « What we do,

                   we do well»

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